#FeesMustFall critiques neoliberalism

Is free education possible? Within a capitalist economy this depends on available government funds and the time and conditions needed for economic growth. But it could be this very system that is at the heart of the problem. Politics PhD candidate from Rhodes University, Mike Muvura, says: “At face value, #FeesMustFall is a struggle about free…

It is the system itself that is violent

If we do not see the hypocrisy in raging against damage done to property while being wholly indifferent to the violence enacted on human beings through structural injustice, then we are part of the problem.

The interdict has “created a culture of fear”

Interdicts against students are a farce. They are not a solution, they are a threat. They are a gag in the mouth of change, and an insult to students who are taking a stand for something in this world. Since the #RUReferenceList on Rhodes University campus earlier this year, Rhodes students have been served by…

Fitness and body-policing

Exercise is not a punishment. While the fitness culture of the 21st century could be deemed a healthy obsession, if it is based on brutal body policing, how healthy is it really? To counter the stick-thin female body ideal of the 1990s and 2000s, a new fitness ideal is slowly making its way into the public consciousness….

Keep your Women’s Day tributes

It’s not a happy women’s day. There may be food specials and clothes deals spewing from every shop, but I will not be celebrating this month. We come from a history marked by women fighting for gender equality, but the question is: Where are we going? South African women wake up every-day to cat-calls on…

Local elections and the illusion of choice

As we do, or do not, cast our votes this Wednesday, eNCA news analyst, Angelo Fick, asks us to remember that against the backdrop of a neo-liberal globe, class inequality continues to pervade South Africa and the rest of the world – eroding any real sense of democracy or choice.

South Africa’s foreign policy is dodgy

Is South Africa going “rogue” on the international front?  Its foreign policy choices are becoming increasingly unpredictable and, arguably, unconstitutional. Although South Africa is committed to media freedom in theory and they have taken a stand against gender based violence in the past, its recent decisions in the UN have insulted constitutional ideals. In early…

(Dis)trust damages campuses

Student protests across campuses nationwide signal that the trust between students and management/staff is fractured. This mistrust arguably goes beyond single issues such as fees or sexual violence. Rhodes University student, SAM VAN HEERDEN examines the fracture of this trust and the possible causes of injury.

#RUReferenceList: The “I” vs “we”

Last week, my politics lecturer, Leonhard Praeg, from the University Currently Known As Rhodes (UCKAR) Politics Department, asked the few of us who dotted the lecture room why we were there and not outside protesting with our fellow students. This was met mostly by silence and a few disgruntled students who complained about the protests….

Wear your politics on your sleeve

The recent RUReference List movement against sexual violence at Rhodes University highlights the insidiousness of social injustices. This insidious nature of injustice calls on us to speak out against societal ills.