Wear your politics on your sleeve

The recent RUReference List movement against sexual violence at Rhodes University highlights the insidiousness of social injustices. This insidious nature of injustice calls on us to speak out against societal ills.


Words are cheap

Going from a Chartered Accountant to a writer is like free-falling down a couple of income brackets only to land in the valley of true desolation.  But T.O. Molefe, South African journalist and author, made the jump. At the bottom of this valley he found that the phrase ‘words are cheap’ has a whole new…

Curriculum Conversations: Escaping the double bind

Sally Matthews talked about teaching Africa differently at CHERTL’s ninth Curriculum Conversations at Rhodes University on Monday 14 March. Matthews is from the Political and International Studies Department at Rhodes University. According to her, alternatives to teaching Africa are not really alternatives, and the way in which academics teach undermine their call for independent and critical students….

It’s our turn

Zubeida Jaffer, award winning South African journalist, discussed how student movements push society forward in a conversation with Rhodes University Journalism students on Tuesday. Jaffer was integral in the Anti-Apartheid struggle movement. “[Students] push the boundaries, “said Jaffer to an eager class of third year writing and editing students. She explained that older folk are…

The wake up call: A reflection on Fees Must Fall

When Rhodes University told us it was closing for the day due to student protests about fees, a wave of different emotions awoke my groggy Monday morning mind. I felt relief over postponed deadlines, excitement at the novelty, and confusion over what the hell was happening. Had I missed something? For many, the eruption of student…